Isla Holbox, Where Whale Sharks Dominate (Video)

The word "dominate" is an odd word to use with whale sharks, one of the gentle giants of the sea. But in sheer numbers and size, Isla Holbox is certainly overrun (in a good way) with the massive fish. This video, narrated by oceanographer and one of our favorite conservationists, highlights the beauty of the whale shark as hundreds gather to feed on plankton off Isla Holbox. Dr. Earle's team writes, "These super-sized, but toothless filter feeders are the core of a local tourism industry, but over-development could threaten this delicate balance. On an expedition last year, Earle and her team captured stunning footage of these beautiful animals in action. The expedition is part of Earle's larger mission to establish a global network of marine protected areas (MPAs) -- hope spots, in her words -- large enough to save the ocean from destructive human activities like over-fishing. Think Yellowstone National Park for the sea."

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