International Garden Festival: Modern Garden Art


The designers who will be invited to compete in the International Garden Festival have been announced. The event takes place annually in Reford Gardens in Quebec. The Festival's objective is to present cutting-edge design and to contribute to the reflection and renewal of the art of gardens.After being selected by a jury, designers work in collaboration with the artistic and technical director. Although given complete freedom to create and construct the products of their imaginations, they must compose with the characteristics of the site accorded them. Whether digging down or building up, designers are asked to respect the natural environment and existing vegetation.

The designers who will compete: Pete North and Alissa North, Bosses Design (Éric Daoust, Donald Potvin, Jean-François Potvin), Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot, Chris Reed (Stoss); Atelier le Balto (Marc Pouzol, Véronique Faucheur, Marc Vatinel).

:: International Garden Festival via Land+Living