Indonesia's Deforestation Halt, Halted

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If you included emissions from deforestation into national greenhouse gas emissions (which isn't always done, but probably should...) Indonesia is the world's third-highest emitter--India is if you don't take into account deforestation emissions. It has made public pledges to rein in its rampant deforestation, but as is often the case there's a rather large difference between political rhetoric and action.

From VOA:

A two-year moratorium on the burning of forest lands in Indonesia, that was supposed to start at the beginning of the year, is still on hold.  The ban is part of a one billion-dollar deal with Norway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that some scientists say are the primary cause of global warming...But the ban has been delayed and the task force charged with developing the moratorium is struggling to come up with ways to make environmental gains without causing economic pain. Nur Masripatin, director of the Center for Standardization and Environment with the Ministry of Forestry, says it is not economically feasible to expect Indonesia to halt development in all rural areas.
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Interesting in the VOA write up: "...that some scientists say are the primary cause of global warming...".

Remember that Voice of America is essentially if not explicitly the propaganda service of the US government. No doubt "some scientists" is included because the current US position on global warming and action to stop it is utterly lacking. The fact of the matter is that greenhouse gas emissions are the primary cause of global warming, full stop. And when it comes to human influence over that, 97% of climate scientists agree that current warming has a human fingerprint on it.

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