India Goes For Tree Planting Guinness World Record

mango tree photo

Mango trees were among the species planted, photo: Christina Xu via flickr.

I've never really been on to go in for Guinness World Record attempts, but this one's pretty cool: The UNEP highlights the latest effort to go down in history as having planted the most trees in a single day without mechanical equipment. Volunteers in Dungarpur, India attempted yesterday to plant 600,000 trees in 24 hours:The volunteers planted mango, neem, teak, and jatropha. Once planted the trees will be adopted by local people -- and supervised by the Indian Forestry Service -- to ensure that they are water and properly cared for.

No word yet on the final tree tally.

The previous tree planting world record, set last July, was 541,176 trees planted by volunteers in Pakistan in a wetland along the Indus River.

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