Impressive: This is What a 15 Tons Illegally cut Tree from the Amazon Looks Like

15 Tons Fallen Tree from the Amazon Forest Photo

Photo: Ibama.

We're talking about deforestation in the Amazon all the time, but can we really understand the magnitude of what we're saying? This is where an image is worth a thousand words: this is how a 15 tons, 40 meters tall, ¡250! years of age, fallen tree from the Amazon looks like.

According to O Globo, this beautiful piece of nature was illegally cut down at Novo Mundo, in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil; and will be showed at the country's capital, Brasilia, for an environmental exhibition next November.This is a chestnut tree whose base is two meters thick, which was found at the same place it had been cut down with a chainsaw.

Fallen Tree from the Amazon Forest

The species is part of the country's endangered plants, and it's therefore forbidden to cut them down. Families in the region where these trees are depend on its fruits for income, and the fruits are also used in the production of cosmetics.

Says O Globo that the idea of confronting the public with a fallen tree from the Amazon isn't new: Greenpeace Brazil wanted to do it two years ago, but couldn't get through getting a tree from a conflictive area called Castelo dos Sonhos.

The exhibition where the tree will be shown will take place from November 3 to 7, at the official IBAMA offices in Brasilia under the name Mostra Nacional Ambiental.

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