Illegal Boat Caught with 357 Dead Sharks Off Galapagos Islands

silky shark photo

Photo by Joi via Flickr CC

We hear a lot of news about new shark reserves being created, but little news about the restrictions being enforced. Well, at least we know Ecuador is serious about catching fishermen going after sharks -- a boat was seized this week. According to the AP, Ecuadorean authorities stopped a boat that was fishing illegally in the protected waters of the Galapagos Islands national park, and on that boat were 357 dead sharks. Caught red-handed.

"The government news agency says criminal proceedings will be pursued against the crew of the Ecuadorean fishing boat. The report says the boat was detained Tuesday southeast of Genovesa island inside the marine reserve...It is prohibited to catch, sell or transport sharks in the reserve."

It's great to know that at least somewhere, illegal shark fishing is being monitored and criminalized. So far, we don't have further details, but we'll be interested to see if the fishermen are indeed punished, and if it helps curb illegal shark fishing in other areas. It's a slim hope, but every little bit matters when it comes to protecting overfished sharks.

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