If Lightning Strikes Twice It Could Lead To...The Next Katrina


Recent and compelling evidence for the birthplace of American hurricanes has been reported in Nature News. Professor Colin Price, a lecturer on global warming and an expert on atmospheric science who we reported on here, has just published evidence that may make tracking and predicting devastating hurricanes much easier for meteorologists. Price studied lightning storms originating in the Ethiopian highlands and determined that in the years of 2005 and 2006, the severity of North American hurricanes could be correlated to the severity of the storms in Africa. Based on what Price has found, hurricanes can be predicted as much as 3 weeks in advance and their severity can be determined much more accurately. Factoring global warming into the mix, we can only imagine that things may look worse as time wears on. Price tells TreeHugger: "Other researchers claim that global warming will result in more intense hurricanes, but not necessarily a greater number of hurricanes." ::TAU News