Hypnotically beautiful real-time wind map of Earth created by supercomputers

Earth wind map
Screen capture Earth wind map

Art of science? Both!

This interactive visualization of wind patterns all around the world is created by a script that downloads weather data from the Global Forecast System at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, part of NOAA/the National Weather Service. This raw data is then rendered in your browser in the form of a globe that can be moved (drag with the mouse) and zoomed in and out of (use your mouse scroll wheel).

The data is updated every 3 hours, so it is pretty close to real-time considering that this isn't just a small local dataset but covers the whole planet.

Earth wind mapEarth wind map/Screen capture

You can go play with it here: Earth Wind Map

Earth wind mapEarth wind map/Screen capture

It reminds me a little of this beautiful interactive animated wind map of the U.S., but I think it's even more beautiful, and it covers the whole planet, which is cool.

Via Earth Wind Map

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