Hydra Canoes


With the demise, last year, of recycled high density polypethylene (HDPE) kayak maker, Walden, we went looking for an alternative. We admit that our search ran out of steam, under the weight of too many other projects. But we did alight upon Hydra from Tennessee, USA. While they are experimenting with the notion of making hulls from recycled plastics, like the milk jugs that Walden used, at this point such vessels are not commercial. But they do say that their moulded seats and thigh braces are currently made of recycled polyethylene, so with the Northern Summer in full swing, it might be worth checking out craft such as the 'Sea Adventure' pictured. Oh, yeh, if you have an old unused plastic canoe hull hanging around, Hydra encourage you to call them to see if they can turn it into some other recycled plastic product. (Their parent company Rotonics is into all things plastic.) ::Hydra