Hummer Helper Builds Nests In Your Own Backyard

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It's that time again - Spring - when all of the flowers bloom, the sun comes out and migrating birds make their way through your city. Well if you live in a hummingbird fly zone, chances are you've got a red, nectar feeder in your yard to encourage these active guys to stop by. But there's something else you should have too.

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The new Hummer Helper is a red metal cage stuff with "stuffing" (all-natural raw cotton) that hummingbirds can easily nab to stuff their walnut-sized nests. The nests themselves can be used as homes for up to three broods a season. With this pack, you don't have to worry about setting up the nests yourself, or finding the right spot, just put the Helper out in your backyard and let the little guys do the work. You can also add red ribbons in the area to attract the tiny birds to the cotton bedding. (You can also add the red ribbons near your feeder to bring them to that area as well).

Hummingbird nests are often made from spider webbing and lichen, among other things. Good luck making a pile of that stuff in your backyard for them to find. Instead, the Hummer Helper offers stuffing material for home-building that doesn't involve knocking down spiderwebs. The best part is that hummingbirds often stop at the same spots each year during their migration. So if you get baby hummingbirds in your backyard, chances are you'll attract the birds back year after year. Hummer Helper's retail for USD$12 and refill cotton retails for USD$6. You can find Hummer Helpers online at Songbird Essentials.

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