Humans are Eating Too Many... Frogs

frog photo

"Order the tofu instead," says the Frog. Public domain image.
Put the Frog Down, Sir. Step Back!
Frogs aren't very lucky. They are facing habitat destruction and poisoning via various toxins in the food chain. But they're also getting eaten by humans: "international trade in frog meat represents 200 million to 1 billion frogs eaten each year, or about 11,000 tons of frog meat." Read on for more details.According to Discovery News:

"We don't have the global culture of eating frogs in our minds," said study author Corey Bradshaw of the University of Adelaide in Australia. "We wouldn't consider them a staple, but for a lot of people in Asia and South America, it is a staple." [...]

The potential for frog population collapse from over harvesting is similar to what has happened with the world's marine fisheries, Bradshaw said. "We should have learned our lesson from fish, and exactly the same thing is happening with frogs."

Surprisingly (to some), the U.S. is the second biggest Frog-eater, after France. Indonesia is the biggest exporter.

Via Discovery News
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