Human vs. Animal Mating Rituals: We're Not So Different After All

Swan Mating Ritual Photo

Photo via: Dave Hamster

Our fellow animal lovers at the BBC Natural History Unit recently sent us some great information on the similarities of animal mating rituals with that of us humans. What is truly important to remember as you read through these amazing descriptions, is that as much as we'd like to think that we are higher life forms, we are still very much connected to our underdeveloped brethren by our base needs to survive, procreate, eat, drink, and sleep. Enjoy these amazing creatures in their very human-like attempts to... get it on!

The Hippy Dolphin Commune Lives On

Dolphin Mating Ritual Photo

Photo via: Zest-pk
Dusky Dolphins are current examples of the 70's hippy movement all over again. They much prefer to Make Love, Not War. These mammals live in rather promiscuous societies, or communes if you will, engaging in frequent group sex to build upon their societies closeness as a whole. The prelude to these group acts includes chases, leaps from the water, and swimming belly to belly (sounds a little like Woodstock). If a ripple in the wave is a rocking, then don't come a knocking!

Lavishing Mate with Gifts Helps Reinforce Bond

Human Engagement Ritual Photo
Photo via: mdrnprometheus Adelie Penguins live in small nests made of stone. The one thing these little mammals have a lot of is rock, so when it comes to getting on their mates good side, the male penguin will often bring her a carefully chosen stone as a courtship gift to enforce their bond. Does it work? Yeah, just as much as any other 3 Karat rock works for us humans!

Masked Boobies have their own brand of mating ritual. The males attract a females attention in much the same as the Adelie Penguin, by giving her gifts, except in addition they also offer small token of themselves in the form of feathers. Van Gogh tried this very same tactic in the form of an ear, although he had very limited success!

True Soul Mates Show Their Hand in Love

Elephants Holding Hands Photo
Photo via: adwrighty African Elephants are some of the most gentle and affectionate animals on earth. Just as a true romantic couple prefers to go everywhere holding the hand of their chosen soul mate, male and female elephants gently caress and entwine their trunks as a sign of affection and dare we say love for each other. Okay this is the cue when you are all supposed to say, "Awww."

Males Love to Show Off For Some Attention

Human Mating Ritual Photo
Photo via: Maxim 303

The Blue Bird of Paradise finds his mate their a very breathtaking courtship display. He hangs upside down from a tree branch, while rhythmically enlarging and contracting a patch of feathers on his chest. At the same time he spreads his violet-blue plumes, swaying back and forth, arching his tail feathers, and then calling to his lover softly in a low, sultry, sexy voice (you've experienced these guys at the bar ladies, I know you have).

Male Mandarin Ducks have succeeded where most construction workers have not. When these guys see a lady they are interested in, they bark and whistles combined with a dramatic display of shaking, preening, and drinking. If the girl happens to see something that she likes, she calls back at her chosen man, giving him the signal she is ready to leave with him and embark on what could be described as a one-night-stand.

Female Baboons Know How to Get Jiggy Wit' It

Baboon Sex Photo
Photo via: Alexander Krook

While many women prefer the male to make the first move, when there is nobody knocking at the door, some decide to take matters into their own hands, similar to the female Baboon. Baboons live in rather promiscuous groups where if a receptive female decides she wants to get it on, all she needs to do is shake her booty in front of her chosen mate (I've seen this tactic used time and again in single's bars). Before and during the consummating of the mating ritual, the female will emit a distinctive groan with her mouth closed and cheeks puffed out. In human terms, this often results in neighbor complaints and a police officer knocking at the front door during that crucial moment.

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