How Wild is North America? Infographic Lays It Out (Video)

wilderness infographic image

A portion of the infographic built by The Big Wild

Just how much wilderness is left on the North American continent? It doesn't seem like much as you drive across the US and see almost all urban or suburban developments, or farmland, mining or other ways people have snapped up all the free space. Where has it all gone and is there any left? According to The Big Wild, a conservation movement that connects people with activist opportunities for the preservation of wilderness, "Nearly one quarter of the planet's wild forests are inside our borders; 20% of the world's fresh water and 24% of the planet's wetlands are Canadian, too. It's an incredible national treasure... and it's under tremendous pressure." The numbers plummet the farther south you go on the continent, and they've created an infographic to display just how much land is left for life that doesn't revolve around humans.
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How Wild is North America?

The Big Wild asks "How Wild is North America?"

Despite the fact that we are finally acknowledging nature deficit disorder and pushing to get more kids into the wilderness so that they'll learn to appreciate flora and fauna, it seems there's less and less space to send them. It's incredible to see laid out how precious little we have left.

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