How to Travel Without Cash: Travel Tips from the Moneyless Man

Image credit: Periodista Digital

From dumpster diving, to living without cash for a year, Mark Boyle—aka The Moneyless Man—has certainly inspired his fair share of debates around consumerism, sustainability, and the potential for living with less. Now he's taking on the thorny subject of travel, sharing tips on how to get around without spending a dime. It should be noted that Mark knows about both the pluses and minuses when it comes to money free travel, having once begun a journey to walk from England to India with zero money. (If I remember rightly, the journey was aborted. I am not clear on the reasons why, but presumably it turned out to be more difficult than expected.)

Nevertheless, Mark's tips on money free travel over at The Guardian, along with his reflections on what "getting away" really means in our consumer society, are well worth a read. From tips on how to find free accomodation, to advice on hitch hiking and biking, there's plenty of good stuff here for those with an adventurous heart and a limited budget.

There will doubtless be those who, once again, slam Mark for freeloading, and point out that if everyone traveled for free, nobody could. (Somebody has to pay for and maintain a car...) But that would be missing the point. Mark's projects have never been about offering a model for a money free society. They have merely been about encouraging us to all think more about sharing what we have, and reaching out for what we need.

I for one am grateful for the reminders.

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