How many snowflakes have fallen during your lifetime?

snowflakes fallen
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Enter your birthdate in this wonderful tool and find out everything from how many hours you’ve dreamt to the number of new species discovered while you’ve been alive.

When you stop to think about, the way in which we measure our time on Earth is pretty simplistic. We count our lives in years and candles, but why not in heartbeats or raindrops?

It’s a rhetorical question posed for the sake of poetic musing, of course; modern culture is servant to the clock and calendar, so measuring our lives in the planet’s trips around the sun makes perfect sense. But still, in the meantime there are so many other ways to think about it as well.

Which is why this wonder-filling tool, You and Planet Earth, is so fun. It puts the focus both on your own body – like how many times your heart has beaten and how many breaths you’ve taken – and also on the marvels of the natural world. How many snowflakes have fallen, how many waves have crashed, how many miles has the Earth traveled?

You can find the tool here (or click on the image above) and see for yourself. And while I’m pretty sure that years will remain the standard by which we measure our lives, now you can celebrate the soft beautiful falling of 220,755,785,026 trillion snowflakes on your 40th birthday as well.

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