How Humane is Your City?


Is your city hot or not when it comes to taking care of its critters? The Humane Society of the United States has just released The Humane Index, a report that compares how 25 of the largest U.S. metro areas measure up in terms of their treatment towards animals. A dozen animal-protection issues, including topics related to pets, farm animals, wildlife, animals in entertainment, and advocacy for animals, were taken into consideration.

American's most humane city is San Francisco, which made the top five in all but four categories, and the top 10 in all but two. Closely following are Seattle (#2), Portland (#3), Washington (#4), and San Diego (#5).New York City came up short when it came to compassionate fashion. The Big Apple accounts for nearly half of total fur stores across Humane Index cities and more than double the number of fur stores per capita than the second-most fur-loving neighborhood, Washington D.C.

And here's a fun factoid: Californians are seven times more likely than Texans to shoot birds with their cameras (or spot them with binoculars) than with shotguns. :: Humane Index

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