How Hot, Wet & Dry Will the US Become Because of Climate Change? Climate Wizard Has the Answer!

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I'm a sucker for interactive maps and this one's pretty cool: The Nature Conservancy has just launched the Climate Wizard, which allows you to show the impact of climate change on precipitation and temperature over the next century. Right now it seems to just be the United States at the highest resolution, and the results are pretty dramatic under most scenarios:Midwest, Rockies See Large Temperature Increases
By the end of century, unless emissions are curbed, large areas of the Great Plains (including nearly all of Kansas) are forecast to have mean temperatures rise by 10°F; even greater areas of the midwest and rocky mountain states show rises of 8 or 9°F.

However, under the low emission scenarios, this can be contained to 6°F in the worst-impacted areas, and about under 3°F in many areas of the nation.

If you want to see how that translates into differences in temperature by month, or span of months, you can do that -- as well as check what temperatures are projected to be by 2050, as well as over the past 50 years.

And that's not even getting into the precipitation data.

World Detail Also Available
Information is also available for other countries in the world, though it's not quite as detailed as for the US -- and, at least at the time of this writing it's not available for all date ranges everywhere -- but it's still very interesting to play with.

Check it out: Climate Wizard
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