How Green is Your Green?


One doesn’t usually think of golf courses and ecology as complementary. Rather, concepts such as strong use of chemicals and pesticides, destruction of eco-systems and natural plant habitats and huge consumption of water, spring to mind. But a new development in the Canadian Rockies, Three Sisters Mountain Village, is being designed with “a higher function". The greens are not just greens, but part of a plan for conserving the alpine environment. The land for the course is brown field; a former coal mine which has been reclaimed. Its layout will match the natural slope of the foot of the mountain. Wildlife corridors will be incorporated to facilitate safe passage of the elk, deer and grizzly bears. Computer-controlled rainwater run-off will be used for irrigation. Instead of chemicals, liquid and organic fertilisers will be used. None of this would satisfy the Japanese Global Anti-Golf Movement which sees the game as a multi-billion dollar speculative, exploitative and elitist industry. But if nothing else, it proves that having good environmental credentials is becoming part of doing business. :: Financial Times