How Do We Get Oil? Fake Science Has the Answers

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Image credit: How Do We Get Oil? [cropped] via Fake Science

Science has seen better days. And this mistrust of science leads to these all too familiar headlines highlighting the disturbingly large segment of our population's denial of climate change. But it's not all bad news! Thanks to Fake Science, we now have a place to turn to when "the facts are too confusing!"
How Do We Get Oil via Fake Science

Featuring the charming aesthetic of retro science posters, each post on Fake Science is a concise "science fact" consisting of...well, fake science. The posters are funny are well-designed and I could see these making a great wall paper or calendar, or hung in a lab, classroom or office. There's currently no information on the site as to who is behind the effort or how the posters are designed (any submission process? crowd-sourcing?), but I'm sure we'll find out someday, most-likely following a serious explosion in a laboratory of some kind.

Thanks to Neatorama, which is where I first saw these.

Here are a few of my favorites:

wind power wind turbine fake science
Image credit: Wind Power via Fake Science
Image credit: Tree Rings via Fake Science

Tell me that wouldn't look good on your wall! Thankfully, there are pages of additional designs, including great posts explaining how the dinosaurs died, what makes a volcano explode, and what tree rings mean, plus many more.

To see more, visit Fake Science or follow along on the Fake Science Facebook page or Twitter Feed: @FakeScience (score on getting that @ name!) And if you're just in the following mood, come see me and @TreeHugger, while you're at it.

Which of the Fake Science posters is your favorite?

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