How Climate Change is Killing Walruses (Video)

A couple weeks ago, Matt reported on that over ten thousand walruses had come ashore in Alaska due to melting Arctic Ice. But this is far from an isolated incident -- due to the diminishing ice extent in the Arctic, walruses are being forced ashore all over. Walruses typically rest on sea ice while hunting for food and rearing their young. Now that the sea ice they've evolved to rely on is vanishing, hunting is becoming more difficult, and they must make the long trek back to shore to rest -- often without their young. This video explains:This all helps to explain why walruses are sometimes referred to as the next polar bear. They are unfortunately fast becoming the next canary in the unfortunate coal mine of climate change, though they perhaps lack the majesty of the polar bear and are therefore less qualified to be the full-time tragic symbol.

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