House Votes Yes For Polluters, No To A Clean Environment For The American People

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photo: Ken Lund/Creative Commons

The Senate voted against this yesterday: As expected, the House of Representatives voted yesterday (255-172) to prevent the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act--something which was decided to be within its mandate and authority by the Supreme Court back in 2007 and approved by the Obama administration in 2009. The vote went down roughly along party lines, with 19 Democrats joining Republicans in voting to handcuff the EPA and no Republicans voting against the bill. Six people did not vote. Given that the Senate and the President oppose the bill, it's unlikely the bill will become law.

If you're interested in seeing how the country fell on this issue, or rather how elected representatives fell, the New York Times has a great interactive map detailing the votes.

You could probably guess the results. Those Democrats voting against the EPA and voting against clean air, apparently preferring climate change and pollution instead, are nearly to the person from states that are dependent on coal, oil, natural gas, or otherwise tied to polluting industries.

Republicans & Some Democrats Care Most About Protecting Polluters & Profits
If anyone says this is firstly about proper government procedure, that a mandate regulating greenhouse gases needs to come from Congress, they are being disingenuous at best. This is about preventing polluters from having to clean up their act, keeping the dirty status quo, and prioritising short term profits over the long term prosperity and health of the people in the United States. And ultimately, considering that by nearly every measure of environmental impact the United States is the number one or number two offender, this is about the long term health of the planet and the people, animals and plants that live upon it, irrespective of national borders.

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