Hotels In Buenos Aires To Offer Bikes For Travelers

A Bike Tour For Travelers in Buenos Aires - Photo

Photo: Philip Choi/Creative Commons.

The capital of Argentina is moving forward in getting more and more bike friendly. After inaugurating new bike lanes and ruling that parking lots offer space for bikes, the government has now reached an agreement with 40 hotels in the city for them to offer two-wheeled vehicles and information to tourists, and to encourage the use of this means of transportation in their employees. According to El Cronista newspaper, the deal involves that the hotels offer the possibility of navigating the city by bike to tourists, whether that's with their own set of bikes or through special deals with rental companies.

They will also give away maps and information about riding safely in the city (something that is still tricky if you're not familiar with the chaotic transit).

Some high-end hotels like the Park Hyatt already have a few bikes, which they lend to guests with a posh kit to have a picnic. Green hotel CasaCalma has gone way further and has announced they are buying each employee a new bike, apart from purchasing some others for guests. They also already offer a set of tours for travelers wanting to ride in the city.

Ridiculously enough, neither the government nor the newspaper have published the whole list of hotels.

Although promoting bikes among tourists is a nice idea, it sure has to be done with care. Some travelers have argued that rental bikes that have a distinct look tend to attract thieves, and riding in certain streets along buses can be pretty tricky.

So if you're in town and want to go biking, do consider these issues by trying to get someone to lend you a regular bike and take smaller, quieter streets.

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