Honey, there's a bobcat stuck in the window...

Bobcat caught in blinds photo
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Meow? A little help?

On the lighter side of the news, Leanne Kalabis, who lives in Nelson, British Columbia, was quite surprised to come home and find a bobcat in her basement. The poor, confused animal probably got in because a door was blown open while she was out. Once in, though, it couldn't find a way to get out again, and became agitated, lunging at a window...

"Initially I just saw the front of its face and thought, 'oh, it's just someone's cat,' but then I saw the rest of it," Kalabis said.

The animal was about three times the size of a house cat, with the distinctive black-tufted ears and stubby tail that could only belong to a bobcat. Kalabis' dog, with a slight size advantage, went after the animal.

"They battled it out for a little bit, then the bobcat scaled the wall towards a windows and got into the blinds," Kalabis said. "It became pretty entangled in the blinds, as it was thrashing and hissing at my dog." (source)

Sadly, the bobcat couldn't extricate itself from the blinds...

Kalabis called the RCMP (police) and a neighbor who MacGyvered a way to free the feline. Using duct tape, they connected two broom sticks together and attached a knife to the end. With this makeshift spear, they cut the animal free from the blinds and shooed it out the door.

It goes without saying that if something similar happens to you, call for professional help and make sure to stay safe (you might love wildlife, but it doesn't mean it'll love you back -- it's nothing personal, that's just how evolution made things) and, as much as possible, make sure the animals are safe too until they can be rescued.

Above is a less terrified bobcat in its natural habitat (which definitely doesn't include blinds).

Via CBC, BC Local News

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