High School Harvests 280,000 Gallons of Rainwater Each Year

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Green High School
The Langston Brown Community Center and High School in Arlington, Virginia, has a LEED Silver rating and has quite a few interesting green features. The enormous water tanks used to store rainwater certainly are the most visible (though the one on the front of the building is hidden by panels that make it blend in the overall design).

The two 11,000-gallon tanks store about 280,000 gallons of rainwater per year, and that water is used for "onsite irrigation, sidewalk washing, and other uses." We wish they would consider using it for toilets too, though they already have waterless urinals that contribute to the project's 23% reduction in potable water use.

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Other Green Features
The indoor environment features adhesives, solvents, paints, and carpets with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Each classroom provides at least four switches to control lighting levels. Sunshades provide indirect daylighting while maintaining views in more than 90% of the building's occupied spaces. Additional daylighting in every third-floor classroom comes from clerestory windows. A stained concrete floor system was used in lieu of vinyl composition tile.

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