Hermit Crab Finds Use for Ocean Trash, Calls Broken Bottle Home

hermit crab with bottle photo

Image via Recyclart

We aren't sure if this is in the wild, or someone's pet crab to whom the owner gave an offering of a broken bottle as shelter. Either way, it's kinda cute and kinda frightening. It doesn't take much of a leap of though to figure this might be increasingly what our ocean critters look like - from crabs using broken bottles to octopi and eels using various discarded baskets and jugs for homes. It certainly makes form a sort of optimistic view of all the trash in our oceans, and is a nice change from hearing about ghost nets killing everything nearby, or birds eating plastics and dying of starvation. Those images are frightening, while this one can be classified as disturbingly cute.

The image appeared on Make My Mood without much of a back story. Thank you to Mike Chino of Inhabitat for sharing it.

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