Help the Bee Whisperer Save More Bees (Video)

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Image credit: Jeremy Marr

When I finally admitted defeat the other day and wound up having to compost my bees, I vowed to learn all I could from other beekeepers before getting another hive. Ever since I installed my first bee hive, I've been amazed by how much there is to learn about these furry flying pollinators. (And how many differing opinions there are about how to treat them!) That's why I am excited by Jeremy Marr's project to create a testing ground for alternative, low-impact beekeeping techniques using wild swarms that he rescues before they are sprayed by the pest control folks. But he needs our help to do it. Having started out as a hobbyist like me, Marr clearly got bitten by the bee bug in a big way. Building his own hives modeled on African top-bar hives, and even designing his own, he's built up an apiary of tough survivor bees that he has rescued from homes, orchards and out buildings. Being as he works a day job at a local TV station, his endeavors were even featured on the news—earning him the nickname of "the Bee Whisperer." (Something he doesn't seem too crazy about in the video.)

Marr is a vocal advocate for natural, pesticide-free beekeeping ("I chose the poisons I eat very carefully", he says), and he is now wanting to expand his apiary to build a 20-hive experimental station for testing out both new and old-school techniques for a gentler, more natural approach to beekeeping. But he needs some money to do it. So check out the video below, and if it strikes a chord with you as it did with me, consider heading over to KickStarter to help fund Tanglewood Hollow's 20-hive outyard project.

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