Head for the Hills with North Face's Trailhead iPhone App

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Sometimes the hardest part of going on a hike isn't the hike itself -- it's picking out which trail best suits the type of hiking, biking or walking you want to do. A handy free app from North Face, powered by EveryTrail.com, has everything a person needs to figure out where they want to go and what to expect when they get there.

Trailhead is free and has some excellent features.

The more than 300,000 trails are gathered from EveryTrail.com, and sources trails, hikes, bike routes and other paths. The options are sorted by activity and length, and once you head out, the app tracks your route, distance, speed and elevation in real-time. Talk about being connected to your surroundings. And for the serious social network hounds, you can post your completed trip to Facebook, Twitter or EveryTrail.

According to Mashable, you can search by keywords and view user-submitted photos and tips when available to make sure the trail is what you expect, or even get inspired to take on a more difficult trail when the views are especially worth it.

Soon, the app will include trail weather and even gear recommendations based on the weather forecast.

For hikers (especially those who like to feel organized about their excursions) this sounds like a stellar free resource for getting outdoors. And getting outside can't be underestimated for curbing nature deficit disorder and boosting a connection to the environment. Spending time in nature is important for feeling happy and alive (and being a nicer person), even if it means using a bit of technology to detach from urban areas.

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