Hawk Shot With Nail Gun Rescued in San Francisco

Photo: WildRescue

Two weeks ago, visitors to the San Francisco Botanical Gardens spotted an injured young red-tailed hawk, the apparent victim of a senseless nail-gun attack -- and now, thanks to wildlife rescuers, the bird has been saved. After several failed attempts, volunteers from the wildlife group Wild Rescue were finally able to safely capture the bird over the weekend and transport it to a facility where it is being treated for its injuries.WildRescue's executive director Rebecca Dmytryk says that group first moved to capture the hawk last week upon receiving reports of the injured bird in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. After several attempts at catching the animal, rescuers were finally successful yesterday using a wire-mesh trap. Afterwards, the bird was quickly taken to a wildlife treatment facility in San Jose.

"The nail dislodged and dropped out during transport with no sign of additional trauma and no bleeding," says Dmytryk.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, WildRescue suspects that the hawk is the victim of a heartless act of animal cruelty and are currently seeking information about who might have committed it. A reward of $10,000 dollars has been put forth for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual responsible for shooting the bird with a nail gun.

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