Happy Trails: Cycling Holidays Take Off


Photo credit: RichardAM

More Brits are coming home tanned, toned, and saddle-sore, according to a report indicating a surge in cycling holidays.

Biking-mad Brits ponied up some £120m on 450,000 dedicated cycling holidays in 2006, with some operators experiencing as much as a 30 percent increase in bookings, compared with 2005 figures, revealed research by market analysts Mintel.These numbers don't account for the further 2.25 million holidays taken by Britons last year that included some kind of cycling activity, whether it's a day's bike hike or a mounted city tour.

"Britain is becoming a nation of cycling enthusiasts," says Richard Cope, a senior travel consultant at Mintel. "Cycling has been given a new lease of life by recent environmental issues, such as sustainable transport, carbon emissions and eco travel. With these topics set to grow in importance, cycling holidays should continue to see a rise in loyal followers"

Cope also credits the Tour de France for keeping the nation pedaling. While 16 percent of British adults have put pedal to their two-wheel metal, 12 percent would like to, which means that 6 million Brits are on their way to cruising along on their own cycling vacation.

Does this mean we should start hoarding stocks in spandex? ::Guardian Unlimited and ::Natural Choices

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