Happy Trails: Americans Want Eco-Friendly Travel, But Not If It Costs Too Much


Photo credit: clappstar

Another day, another spelunking adventure into the recesses of the American mind: While most U.S. adults would be more likely to choose an environmentally responsible airline, rental-car service, or hotel, only 13 percent would be willing to dole out the extra cash, according to a survey by the Travel Industry Association. A sizable 56 percent of respondents said they'd at least consider it, however, with 78 percent considering themselves "environmentally conscious."

If they were pressed, 76 percent of U.S. travelers would pay less than 10 percent more, but the majority of respondents would consider less than 5 percent extra their sweet spot.

"The results of the survey suggest that awareness of a travel service supplier's efforts to operate in an environmentally responsible manner may be sufficient to attract additional patronage, but not at a significantly higher fare or rate," according to Suzanne Cook, TIA's Senior Vice President of Research. "The 'value assessment' consumers ascribe to any travel service transaction appears to remain the primary determinant of their actual purchase behavior." ::Environmental Leader

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