Happy Panda News for Australia - China Sending Two Pandas Downunder

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Photo via popofatticus

Australia will be the home to two pandas - a 4-year-old male and 3-year-old female - for the next ten years. On loan from China, they'll be sent to Australia on Friday. Wang Wang (the boy) and Fu Ni (the girl) were offered by China's President Hu Jinta in 2007 as a sign of good will towards Australia, and now they will be calling Adelaide Zoo home for (hopefully) a good long stretch of their lives. MSNBC reports, "Relations have been strained recently between the countries, with Beijing upset over alleged Australian government restrictions on Chinese investment in mining, and the arrest of an Australian mining executive in China.

China's communist government has also protested to Australia over a recent visit there by Rebiya Kadeer, a U.S.-based ethnic Uighur Muslim from China's west whom Beijing brands a terrorist."

Nothing like a couple adorable pandas to make everyone all cuddly with each other again.

Political turmoil? Send in the cute pandas!! I mean seriously...look at a panda and try to be angry. Go ahead...just try:

baby panda photo

Photo via The Suss-Man (Mike)

It also helps that the Wolong Giant Panda Research Center where they were living was destroyed in last year's massive earthquake and they need a place to stay. Australia has set up a lovely home for them, and the zoo's veterinarians have received training, so the loaner pandas will be in good hands.

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