Happy National Get Outdoors Day Featuring Shrek

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photo: J. Novak

I've never been one for making up holidays, especially when they're just made up so that greeting card companies can make a buck and kill some trees as a result. But I can get behind National Get Outdoors Day because, well, we need to get outdoors. Today is National Get Outdoors Day so why not celebrate by heading outdoors? And who better to advertise this verde holiday than the greeniest guy in showbiz, Shrek?The USDA Forest Service and the Ad Council are partnering with DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. to launch a new series of public service advertisements featuring Shrek. In a nation where children spend fifty percent less time outdoors than they did twenty years ago, the Forest Service is doing everything that they can to make the outdoors seems cool again rather than the latest game on Xbox 360.

Parents will also find a great Web site associated with the program. The Web site has a nature finder tool which allows you to search for forests by state. There's even a NatureFind IPhone app with over 8,000 nature experiences to download. Kids can learn about nature sounds and tracks or learn about fun games to play in the woods. It makes you want to be a kid again.

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