Happy Camping With The Eco-Camp Kit


With the emerging sun rays so follows the outdoor vibes of music festivals and with that the surprising urge to leave all mod cons and go rock out in a muddy field somewhere. Although this is the fallow year for Glastonbury, good on Michael Eavis for giving his land a break to recover, there are plenty more weekend festivals to keep us entertained around the world. But how do you go camping? Not literally how do you put up a tent? But more specifically how do you go eco-camping? One might think that you just hop in your Hybrid and head for the hills with a non-pvc tent and few tins of organic bake beans. However the Biome Lifestyle Store believes there are a few other camping essentials we could do with whilst swimming about in the mud this year. The Eco-Camp Kit includes: A solar shower, one solar heated reusable shower. 20L capacity, sufficient for 2-3 showers; A water-powered digital alarm clock, no batteries required; A Freeplay radio, this radio can be charged by wind-up, solar or AC rechargeable power; An organic cotton roll-up bed, hand made from high-quality hand woven organically grown cotton using natural colourfast dyes; A clear-cased Self-sufficient Torch, wind-up torch, no batteries required. 30 seconds of wind-up provides 20 minutes of light. And all this is contained within an eco-friendly Biome Lifestyle bag! Wow, I bet you never realised you needed all this stuff, but isn’t amazing how it all seems absolutely essential! And if for some reason this doesn’t seem like enough to keep you comfy they’ve put together a Luxury Eco-Camp Kit, which includes a Solio icharger and an organic blanket, towel and soap. I am sure the more seasoned hardcore campers will be shaking their heads in dismay, but for us lazy, city bound, design-obsessed treehuggers the Eco-Camp Kit will make us extra happy campers this summer! All these products are also available individually at the Biome Lifestyle Store. via: Observer Magazine ::BiomeLifestyle