Hé! Taxi! Vectrix Electric Scooters Used as Taxis in Paris

Paris Electric Scooter Vectrix Taxi photo

Electric Scooter Taxis in Paris
If you find yourself in Paris and need a taxi to move around the city without luggage, think of City Bird's Electri-City service. City Bird itself is the first French motorcycle taxi service, and they have just added a couple of Vectrix electric scooters to their fleet.

Because of the limited range of the electric scooters, they can only be booked to go to locations inside of the city. Of course, you could always take the subway, or walk, or cycle. But if you need to go somewhere quickly and still want to see the city, this seems like the way to go.

Paris Electric Scooter Vectrix Taxi photo

City Bird has also said that it is offsetting the emissions from its non-electric scooters.

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