Gulf Spill Exclusive: Shocking Marine Life Destruction and Angry Locals (Slideshow)

dead turtle remains ship island photo

Photo by Brian Merchant

It was just over one month ago that the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig was rocked by a massive explosion that lead to the US's biggest environmental disaster in decades.

After it became clear that the oil wasn't going to stop gushing from the undersea leak anytime soon, TreeHugger sent me to investigate the crisis firsthand. So I traversed the Gulf coast -- from the southernmost point of Louisiana to the furthest parts of Alabama and back again -- to document how the spill was impacting people and wildlife across the spectrum. Here are tragically killed sea life, chemicals that turn oil into jelly, teenage girls standing up to BP, and more, captured in photo and video.

TreeHugger Exclusive BP Gulf Oil Spill Coverage: Angry Locals and Shocking Marine Life Destruction Slideshow

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