Guillemot Kayaks - Make Your Own Wood Kayak


When first stumbling onto these, we thought "Wow, they're works of art." And it would appear someone else thinks so too, because one is said to be in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art. Designed by Nick Schade, ex-US Navy engineer, Guillemot Kayaks are boats you built yourself. Nick creates the prototypes and from them develops plans and specifications that others can buy. When you slave long hours to make something with your own hands, it takes on a value that has no relationship to money. You've invested of yourself and that makes the product so much more personal than a store bought item, manufactured in a distant factory. More likely to used, appreciated and cared for, rather than discarded with little thought. Such a shame then that these beauties are conceived to be covered in an outer layer of fibreglass and resin. Maybe Nick can team up with OceanGreen surfboards to further develop the hemp fibre and eco-resin idea. We are pleased to note though, that he is seeking out alternatives to the old growth cedar, which seemed to have graced earlier models. But with those caveats in mind, we reckon a handmade timber kayak sounds very sharp. Takes this writer back many aeons, to being a kid building sea kayaks from plywood and canvas. Ah, the good old days. ::Guillemot Kayaks, via See Kayak.