Guerrilla Gardening Combines Knitting and Hanging Gardens

guerilla gardening photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

Walking through San Francisco yesterday, I noticed a particularly bright patch of something strung across a chainlink fence. When I got closer I realized that it was a little bit of guerrilla gardening let loose in the city. Someone had knit up a pouch, filled it with soil and plants, and sewn it to the fence. It reminds me very much of the small scale guerrilla gardening done in Toronto with old posters in Toronto -- only this is more awesome because it combines gardening with knitting. Too awesome. Read on for more photos. I've been noticing some tree sweaters popping up in the neighborhood but I don't know if this is the same craftster. At any rate, they had knitted up what amounted to a pouch filled with soil in which to put drought-tolerant plants. One of the pockets was plantless:

guerrilla gardening knitting photo

But the other pouch had thriving succulents:

guerilla gardening photo

Guerrilla gardening is really one of the best kinds of "vandalism" -- zero harm, and loads of good, especially when it brightens up an otherwise hideous chainlink fence. Plus, the "pot" is hand-knitted out of what I can only guess is a ball of scrap yarn, and we love DIY projects!

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