Guerrilla Benching


You have heard of guerrilla gardeners, well now there are guerrilla benchers. Their goal is the same: to improve neglected spaces and add something positive to public life. Only these guys say it with benches. Why? Because London's benches are disappearing. As Agent Bristly Pioneer (as they are called in the movement) says "Once London's streets were lined with them and you could plonk yourself down for a well-earned rest after slogging round the shops. We've found that there is just nowhere to put your feet up anymore". It's partly because of repairs, but more likely because municipalities want to discourage homeless people from sleeping on them or sitting and drinking on them.

The stealthy guerrillas decided to take matters into their own hands. They dress up in bright green jackets so that they look like Council employees, drill some holes in the ground, put the benches in, and then sit down and have a cup of tea. The agents are restoring something to community life: a place where where old ladies can sit and chat, workers have their lunch and mothers can rest with the stroller.

Watch for them in your neighbourhood, or better still, become a guerrilla too.

:: Guerrilla Benching Via :: Time Out

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