Grizzly Bears Starve to Death as Salmon Disappear

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I Can Hear Your Tummy From Here Mr. Bear
I recently wrote about the 9+ million sockeye salmon that disappeared from the Fraser river on Canada's West coast. Well, everything's connected in ecosystems. Now that the salmon's gone, the grizzly bears seem to be disappearing too, probably starving to death.Ecosystem Collapse?
The Globe and Mail writes: "Reports from conservationists, salmon-stream walkers and ecotourism guides all along British Columbia's wild central coast indicate a collapse of salmon runs has triggered widespread death from starvation of black and grizzly bears. Those guides are on the front lines of what they say is an unfolding ecological disaster that is so new that it has not been documented by biologists."

Some guide who often go to areas where groups of bears can usually be seen feeding reports 4-5x fewer sightings this year. It's also extremely rare on a normal year to see bears that are hungry so early in the fall, but now (and even last year), they could be seen starving.

But the most alarming thing is that there are way fewer sightings of mothers with cubs.

Let's hope it will bounce back in the new few years (more Salmon might come back since they have a multi-year spawning cycle), but this is going to have repercussions for a long time. We may be witnessing an ecosystem collapse...

Via The Globe and Mail
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