Green Travel Websites

If you are planning a trip, here are a few interesting and environmentally-aware websites that will help you out. The Man in Seat 61 is a site dedicated to giving advice to train travellers around the world. Since Mark Smith, the man in that special seat, was a railway man and train agent, he knows his stuff--you can find train schedules for just about everywhere in England, Europe and Asia on this informative site. specialises in advice for women travellers. With posts on every aspect, from what to wear, where to go, to how to fend off unwanted advances, it is mind-numbingly thorough. Given the high price of hotels, even allows you to check availability and book online. If you fancy sleeping on a friendly couch, is a network where members looking for a sofa to sleep on in a distant country can get in touch with others. It's a bit random, but could be fun, with no couches listed for Paris or New York but more than 3,000 in the Netherlands... Stuck in the airport, or out of money? rates departure lounges (best is Singapore, worst is Chicago). For finding out the best places to camp in the UK, is a good source, complete with reviews of all the locations. is a mind boggling directory to festivals, art or markets by country. If you are looking for inner peace rather than action, may be your site of choice. And if you are just daydreaming, and have photos and anecdotes about all kinds of esoteric places. :: Independent

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