Green Shopping In Tel Aviv


Capitolina chandelier from Hasadna

One of my favorite things to do when I travel to new cities is check out their green shopping scenes. I was recently in the Tel Aviv/Jaffa region of Israel and had a few hours to visit the area shops and outdoor parks. Hasadna, a shop I particularly liked in the flea market section of Jaffa, was recommended to me by the tourism information shop on Ben Yehuda and Gordon Streets. Hasadna, is Hebrew for "workshop" and the store definitely has a DIY feel. All of their products are produced locally in Israel, most of the products are recycled, and many are made in part by people from "Green Hands"- a rehabilitation center for people with special needs. The store has a category of products upcycled from discarded items such as: corks, plastic bags, yellow pages, old maps and ice-cream tasting spoons. The corks are turned into a bulletin board, the plastic bags are turned into wallets, the yellow pages are turned into fruit bowls, the old maps are turned into table tops and the spoons are turned into chandeliers.

The chandeliers, perhaps the most eye catching item are called Capitolina. The name comes from Capit, the Hebrew word for "spoon". The spoons are the discarded tasting spoons donated by a local ice-cream shop, Iceberg.

So if you have an ice cream at Iceberg and follow it up with a shopping spin at Hasadna, you can see your purchase come full circle. You can eat the ice cream, and support recycling as well as the integration of the workforce with people with special needs. It is sort of like eating a triple fudge sundae, but without worrying about the calories.

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