Green Living Project Explores Central America's Cutting-Edge Eco-Tourism

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The indie media production company Green Living Project (GLP) is building a good reputation when it comes to documenting the globe's sustainable travel sector--covering the best practices in eco-tourism, wildlife conservation, geo-tourism, eco-lodges, community development and education.

The latest location on their push-pin map? Central America--specifically Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. Whether you feel a strong connection to the region or are perhaps curious about the strand of rich, biodiverse countries connecting the Americas, you'll want to tune in. Wanderlusts like me will delight into the bounty of do-good, low-impact projects and companies to see and support. And the tourism industry will hopefully follow suit! Fresh from the field, GLP's journey can be tracked on their blog. From the crews romp at Rios Tropicales, a Costa Rican low-impact river rafting company supporting the sustainable development of a local community, to their flight on Nature Air to destination Leatherback Trust, an organization working to protect the leatherback turtles nesting on the beaches around Playa Grand--it's an adventurous read chock full of inspiring companies and people making a difference.

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"As we document more regional projects across North America, Central America has become a popular request due to it's close proximity and the breadth and depth of compelling sustainability initiatives," said Rob Holmes, president of Green Living Project. "These issues along with strong leadership and diversity with these cutting-edge projects means consumers will be very excited to get involved with the projects and visit the featured destinations. Businesses and organizations will also learn first hand about these important best practices with sustainability initiatives..."

Some of the sponsors showing GLP some love and support just happen to be eco-cool too like Nature Air, Rainforest Alliance, Patagonia, and PACT.

Check GLP's website and Facebook page for ongoing updates and stay tuned for video from their Central American voyage.

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