Green Grillin'


Summer's long gone. But take a fall walk in nature up here in Scandinavia (the original 'land of lakes') and you are likely to stumble upon copious reminders of the season just past - including the twisted and charred metal remains of the Swedish-invented 'engångsgrill' or 'one-time grill.'

One-time grills are book-sized portable charcoal grills housed in an aluminum tray and then wrapped in plastic, and are ubiquitous at every corner store and gas station here in the warmer months, as Swedes head into nature to commune...and to roast their weenies.

But one-time grills have become a huge environmental nuisance. Unfortunately spent grills litter the shores of Swedish beaches and lakesides, if they aren't smoldering and starting fires in garbage cans.
The reason one-time grills get left behind when nature-conscious Swedes discard the rest of the picnic mess is that they are just too hot to touch when it's time to pack it in.

A slight innovation in these port-a-grills came a few years back when the green-minded Scandinavian food chain Coop started to carry grills with FSC-certified charcoal.

But that didn't help with the disposal process.

Thus the designers at Akka have come up with a one-time grill that they say is completely recyclable (Swedes recycle around 85 % of their aluminum cans), and just as portable at the end of the picnic as at its start.

The Akka Green Grill prototype is made entirely from recycled aluminum - an outer pouch encloses the grill tray, charcoal, starter and grate. The pouch can be laid under the grill when it is lit - to protect the hopefully pristine landscape from scorching - and then the entire thing can be slipped back inside the resealable pouch and safely carried home when the party's over.

When it has cooled down, the Green Grill can be dropped into the 'metal' portion of the recycling bin.

Now that the prototype won second place in this year's Aluminum Packaging Design Award, designer Oscar Ternbom hopes it will be easy to find a manufacturer for the product, and please, in time for next summer! Via

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