Green Eyes On: LIFE, As Seen Through the Eyes of Discovery

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Guest blogger Sara Snow is a green lifestyle expert and board member for Discovery's 24/7 future-forward network Planet Green.
Discovery Channel launches their newest series, another provocative look at the goings-on on our beautiful planet. Will it be as successful as Planet Earth?

On Thursday I joined a small crowd in Los Angeles (I'd call it a gathering, but it was nothing short of a crowd) for a sneak peak at Discovery's newest series, LIFE.

The alluring nature series, a follow-up to the vastly popular Planet Earth, is an 11-part series that will make its debut later this month.

Like Planet Earth, this is a BBC production that has been more than four years in the making. Oprah Winfrey, with a voice familiar to so nearly anyone, narrates the series, telling tales of amazing animals like a mole that hunts underwater using bubbles to smell its prey, and describing epic scenes like that created by millions of fruit bats that darken the Zambian sky.

According to Discovery, "Each episode tells mind-blowing stories of survival with drama, humor and suspense." And the one episode I saw delivered just that.

So what did I think of LIFE, especially on the heels of the wildly popular Planet Earth? I thought it was nothing short of beautiful. In fact, in many ways I preferred it to its cousin series, primarily because this series focuses in on the survival instincts of creatures, great and small. How they adapt, behave, and live in order to survive.

The greatest stories, in my mind (and maybe it's because I'm harboring life inside of me at the moment) were those that focus on mothers going to great lengths to protect their young. The frog that climbs to the top of a tree, five times, to deposit her tadpoles into a pool where they'll be safe from predators. The octopus who finds a cave in which to lay her eggs, knowing this will be her final resting spot after she's spent the next (and her final) six months feeding and fanning her tens of thousands of developing eggs. Each are beautiful stories of sea and land creatures doing what they must to keep their young alive, thus guaranteeing the continuation of their species.

LIFE premieres March 21st on the Discovery Channel at 8pm EST. You can find a sneak peek on Discovery's LIFE website.

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