Green Eyes On: A Conversation with Coral Brown

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In early November three amazing Yoga teachers will gather alongside the Sea of Cortez to host a yoga retreat called Pranic Oasis at the Racho Buena Vista resort in Cabo San Lucas. One of these is Prana Flow instructor, Coral Brown.

Last week I spoke by phone with Coral to learn about her beginnings and what inspires her today.

Her practice started about 18 years ago as she was finishing up her undergraduate degree in philosophy. She was drawn to Hinduism and Eastern philosophy, especially, she says, the forgiving nature of Hinduism. "It's very much about the goddess and femininity," Coral says.

But Coral tells me that she was practicing the philosophy end of things while not engaging in the physical practice. That is, until her mother prompted her to do yoga. Coral dismissed it, saying it was a "fad." "A 5000 year old fad," her mom said, telling her she should check it out. Coral went out and got a CD with a fold out of the yoga positions. The CD was taught by Shiva Rea, the woman who would later become her mentor, teacher and close friend.

Some time after, while on a yoga retreat, a woman suggested to Coral that she should become a teacher. Coral's immediate response was that she wasn't ready. Surely she should have 15 years experience to teach. But the woman assured her otherwise, telling Coral she had a light that she needed to share.

And so this is what she has become; a teacher. But, it seems to me that she's more than that. She is the conduit through which others find freedom (from the confines of their mind and their body), expansion (beyond what they thought they could be or do), and strength.

Coral says she enjoys teaching because by doing so she is "doing something meaningful. There's a purpose behind it. You go into class feeling one thing and you walk out feeling light and clear."

This is what she hopes for her students too.

Clarity. "It's liberating. Allowing our body to be free."

So what makes the Pranic Oasis at the Rancho Bueana Vista in Cabo San Lucas appealing to her? She says that it's the fact that there will be no other people there, only those who are there for the yoga retreat. "It makes it a real oasis," she says. There is also a fire pit which she says will be perfect for the evening sessions.

The retreat will feature daily sunrise and sunset Prana Flow classes with live drumming alongside Tantric darshan, mantra and meditation. All of this under the "auspicious transition of the new moon" in a beautiful setting beside the Sea of Cortez.

Coral believes that what the world needs is yoga therapy. "It's unbelievable what will unfold when we don't force it."

Learn more about the Pranic Oasis at the Rancho Buena Vista in Cabo San Lucas.

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