Grateful Dog is Sacramento's First Green Dog Day Care

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The name may give you visions of dogs mellowed out, but the Grateful Dog wants to make sure your dog is both happy and healthy throughout their entire stay. You can leave your dog for the day or the week, knowing that they will be treated right and taken care of, reports the Sacramento News & Review. For many people, their pets are their kids, so what more could you ask for but to have your baby wagging his or her tail and frolicking blissfully while you're away.Grateful Dog makes sure that everything that comes on contact with your dog is recycled or recyclable, organic or healthy. Dog beds are made from recycled soda bottles, and organic cotton and hemp leashes & collars are used. Poop bags are all biodegradable. Everything is also made in America and sourced locally where possible. Dog treats, something that is often overlooked, all come from high quality sources. The facility itself also utilized recycled materials in the future and low-voc paint on all of the walls.

The facility is entirely cage-free, which allows the dogs to have the run of the place and have plenty of social time. Around nap time, they dim the lights and turn on a little classical music so everyone can take it down a notch. Then its back to romping around on the jungle gym and butt-sniffing til the dinner bell rings.

You can also get your pet groomed at the facility, or for an extra bit of "fun," you can try your luck at the self-serve dog wash area. Grateful Dog is located at 17th and E Streets in Midtown Sacramento. The facility is open 7 days a week and has a staff member at the facility 24 hours a day. :Grateful Dog
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