Google Launches New Transit Layer to Maps

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Image via Google

Google has added a Transit Layer to their maps, and 50 cities are already easier to navigate via public transportation because of it.

It offers more than what the Google Maps "public transit" option provides, helping tourists and locals alike. With Google Maps, you can ask for directions on how to get from one place to another via public transportation routes. You're given what lines to take and what the schedules are. However, with the Transit Layer, you're given the layout of the public transit system, so you can choose your own route.

Think of a virtual metro map on top of Google Maps -- even when we don't have itinerary planning available, we want you to be able to see public transit options that are available. Our goal is to be able to offer transit information as an alternative to driving directions wherever possible.

It's an attractive addition for people who only take public transportation because, let's face it, sometimes Google Maps doesn't give the best directions. Seeing the lines in front of you can help you be sure that the route you're given is the one you want to take. It makes buses and trains an easier travel option.

Via Google's Lat-Long blog
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