Google Earth Adds Ocean Exploration to Android App

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Image via Google Lat-Long Blog

Google Earth's ocean layers are incredible, and the company has made the feature of their much loved software mobile -- Google Earth 1.1 for (of course) Android has just added their oceans layer. You can zoom around the sea floor, exploring the entire Monterey Bay Canyon, for example, or search through photos and videos from contributors. It's certainly an entertaining and educational way to spend a morning train commute. The new app also highlights Mission Blue Hope Spots, an initiative started by explorer Syliva Earle to identify locations that can be saved from human impacts of pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction and so on. Google Earth for Android even supports multi-touch navigation, with the ability to use two fingers to change your viewpoint, looking up, down or around as you please.

It's great timing, since we at TreeHugger and Planet Green are celebrating Blue August, a month of ocean-centric coverage. And Google Earthhas been responsible for several species discoveries, including a fringing coral reef that is quite rare and special. So who knows what you might find on your cell phone while standing in line at the bank or waiting for the bus to arrive.

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