Give Bugs the Cold Shoulder With Vermont Soap Organics Insect Armor

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Vermont Soap Organics is now branching out to the world of pest prevention, namely mosquitoes and ticks, with their new Insect Armor. Made with natural oils and non-toxic ingredients, this bug spray is safe for kids, pets, you, just not bugs.Vermont Soap Organics Insect Armor PhotoThe ingredients in the Insect Armor: all organic ingredients and essential oils are based on properties found in nature whereby plants are able to repel bugs simply through their aromatic properties. These same properties, in combination with the right scents, are what make the Insect Armor so effective, without the use of DEET or other harmful toxins. Lemon eucalyptus oil, for example, is one of the ingredients that help to deter bugs.

Insect Armor retails for USD $6.99 and is available online now. Vermont Soap Organics products bar and liquid soaps, shower gels and cleaners, including a Campers Soap, which is biodegradable. All of their soaps are made in a USDA organic facility, without artificial colors, fragrances, animal by-products or testing and are made with organic ingredients (thus the name Organics). :Vermont Soap Organics : Vermont Organics Insect Armor
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