Giant Crocodile Devours a Shark as Tourists Look On

croc eating a shark photo
Photo via YouTube

On what otherwise might have been an average excursion through Australia's Kakadu National Park, tourists were treated to an epic battle between two of nature's most ferocious predators, a crocodile and a shark. There's no saying just how long the pair were at it for, but by the time the tour boats arrived on the scene and the cameras began snapping it seemed nearly 10 foot long saltwater crocodile had the upper hand, having torn the bull shark in half. Like a rowdy crowd watching a prizefight, "nearly 100 people saw it all up and they were jumping for joy," says the tour's guide.According to The Daily Telegraph, the two tour boats were traveling along the flood plains of the south Alligator River when the cold-blooded battle was underway. Although it may have ended poorly for the shark, the eager crowd of eco-tourists were quite pleased with what they witnessed.

"They said this had made their Kakadu trip," tour guide Dean Cameron told the Daily Telegraph. "With the wildlife here you just don't know what you'll get to see," he added. "That's the beauty of it."

Cameron is quick to remind folks that such scenes, while quite awesome to see, aren't so uncommon. In fact, a video shot in the same region of Australia shows just how bold crocodiles can be in hopes of making a meal of shark--and just how unfazed some area fisherman are by it.

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